Evaluating Websites

Learn how to find GOOD/TRUTHFUL resources

EVALUATING WEBSITE Learn what that acronym stands for.
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Use Website Evaluation Process

Website Evaluation Process- we will practice our knowledge and evaluate websites and answer the questions on the form to best of our ability. *we will do one together*

Use the Questions and links underneath questions to evaluate:

CopyPaste CRAAP questions- into a google doc.

-Answer with complete sentences.

Use the Green links listed below questions.

bookmark the website you are using

copy/paste the URL into your Doc- site your sources

Create Google Doc- in Google Classroom

- Add/Create-

- Doc (icon is blue)

Extra Notes:

  • Click on a hyperlink to start evaluating that website. (choose 2 hyperlinks/websites)
  • CREATE GDoc- use for questions to be answered for that website
  • copy/paste questions in to GDoc- then under each question hit "enter" then "tab" to get extra bullet points to answer the questions directly under the questions themselves.
  • be organized
  • write in complete sentences

  • Eiffel Tower- has it's own questions to be answered posted below the title.
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Choose a Website and Fill out the form

  • Download the form and save to your DESKTOP
  • Use this form to complete the assignment-

  • Click "website evaluation form" when new tab opens-download form.

******Hover over top to get toolbar-down arrow/down load. Make sure to name the file and change "where" to desktop. (Print if needed.)*********

Use the form to answer questions about a Website

  • Pick ONE website from the list/buttons below and open it in a new tab-
  • Use the form to answer ALL the questions
  • Make sure you are saving your work (cmd+s)
  • Answer fill in the blanks
  • Make sure to answer in complete sentences
  • Yes/No Questions-use any letter to CLEARLY mark answer

  • When finished UPLOAD the file (pdf) and tun in on GClassroom.

ADD-FILE-UPLOAD-TURN IN (extra turn in instructions listed at the bottom)

Choose ONE Website to Evaluate:

Turn in help-

Turn in Evaluation Form to Google Classroom.

Your Work


* DRAG your form into the upload box- CLICK UPLOAD