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i like to play a lot of games.I play C.O.D. games.I also like mmo games like defiance and destiny.I play all these games on my of duty black ops 2 is my favorite game.It has lots of cool game modes like search and destroy,gun game,and one in the chamber.What games do you like?

tv and movies

I watch a lot of tv and a little bit of movies.I like watching the walking dead on the walking dead anything can happen.They can find the cure or they can die from a zombie.I also watch movies.I have seen the Guardians of the Galaxy and I am going to watch big hero 6 soon.What tv sows and movies do you watch?


I don't always use electronics.I also read a read a lot of books.I am currently reading the rangers apprentice.Its a fantasy book about a kid named will who is an orphan that becomes a legendary ranger.A ranger is in charge of protecting the kingdom using stealth and bows to survive.Rangers must be able to come up with ideas to defend the kingdom.Will is a new ranger apprentice who has done a lot in 5 years.I highly recommend that you read the books.
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