Zeus and Hermes's Experiment!

Zeus and Hermes go into town in disguise; shocking results


Zeus is the king of all gods. Him and his two brothers, Hades and Poseidon, where in charge of the universe. Zeus was the most powerful. He rules the earth and sky, which makes him able to control the weather. He uses a lightning bolt as a weapon. He throws it like a spear. Zeus is known to have a bad temper. He could be selfish or cruel. He was a very poor husband to Hera; the queen of gods. He was also a bad father to most of his children. Sometimes, not surprisingly, other gods rebelled. He was still very respected.


Hermes was the messenger god. He wears a winged hat and winged sandals, and he carried a magic wand. (We know what he looks like because so many artists made statues of him.) He is said to be the god of the market place. He was also said to be the god of stealing. His parents are Zeus and Maia. A few minutes after he was born he decided to make himself a toy. He picked up a tortoise shell and tied strings to it. He plucked it and the first musical instrument, the lyre, was made.

Breaking news leads to flood in Phrygia

One day Zeus and Hermes went in town incognito. They were doing an experiment. They pretended to be ordinary mortal men. They went to people's houses asking for food and a place to stay that night. They were rudely turned down again and again. Even rich people turned them away. Then they walked up to a little hut owned by an old couple, Baucis and Philemon. They were treated kindly and they were respected. They were invited in for food and drink and later offered a place to stay that night.

The next day the two gods took off their disguises. Everyone could see that they were gods. Zeus and Hermes punished everyone who turned them down with a terrible flood. Everyone's house was destroyed except for Baucis and Philemon's little hut. It was turned into a beautiful temple. They were rewarded for their kindness. Zeus offered them anything they wanted. They said they wanted to be together forever. They lived happily ever after as priest and priestess. When they died they turned into two trees growing out of the same trunk. This story is important because it shows how powerful the gods can be, and how kindness is rewarded.