Mrs. Cormack's Class Newsletter

For the Week of Feb. 11th-15th

What We Will Be Learning This Week.....

Math: The big idea in math this week will be using patterns and relationships to develop strategies to solve for addition and subtraction problems/facts. On Monday, the students will be "decomposing numbers" with addition and subtraction. This is something I have been really stressing to the students lately. The idea is for the students to create invented algorithms to solve number problems, such as for the problem 37+___ = 79, students could do 37+10=47, 47+10=57, 57+10=67, 67+10=77, 77+2=79, so it takes 4 tens (40) and 2 ones to get to 79. On Tuesday, we will be working on a Spiral page to hone our on-going skills. Wednesday will be a challenge day, as we will be playing an Input/Output Game. Thursday, Valentine's Day, will be a fun day! We will be solving verbal number problems to make a picture on the hundreds chart. We might even have time for a Candy Hearts game....Friday will be another Spiral day to work on basic skills. And as always, the POD will be a part of our daily math block!

Science: I am so excited about science this week! On Monday, we will conclude our Conservation of Resources unit, and the students will use the trash we have been collecting to write and draw ways the items can be reused!

Tuesday-Friday, we are starting our weather unit! The students will be introduced to measuring, recording, and graphing weather information, such as temperature, wind conditions, precipitation, and cloud coverage. For the next 10 days students will be recording weather data that they will later gather information about and graph. Later in the week students will use weather related scenarios and pretend they are a weather report informing others on what clothes to pack if traveling.

Writing: We are working on Small Moments in writing, and will continue this study this week. The students are really good at this, and I love to see their excitement grow as they write. We will also continue to work on our Word Study sorts, and have a Speed Sort (Glue and Grade) on Friday.

Reading: The big idea in reading this week will be a continuation of our Poetry Unit. Monday and Tuesday will be a day to explore sensory language. The students will create a 5 Senses Dictionary in the Poetry Pages journal where they are to keep a running thesaurus of wonderful adjectives to use in their writing. Wednesday-Friday will be days to focus on putting what we have learned together: Rhyming, Repeating, Mental Images, and Connections.

Party Time and Help Needed!!

The Valentine's Party will be on Thursday, February 14th at 1:30 in our room. Parents are invited to attend! Students will be passing out their Valentines prior to the party, they are encouraged to bring their Valentines starting Monday, Feb. 11 and no later than Thurs. morning, Feb. 14. For a class list please visit the homework tab on our class website.

Our room mom, Adele Deelman, has sent around a sign up sheet for the party. As this is being funded and hosted by parents, I ask that you consider bringing in items or donating cash for the party. There are still slots open on the online sign-up sheet that was sent out. Please consider helping to make our party great!

Trash Needed!!

To culminate our unit on conservation, I am asking that the students bring in items that could be reused to create something new! The project will be on Monday the 11th, so please try to collect some things around the house this weekend. Some suggestions are: empty egg cartons, empty jugs, cans, bottles, toilet paper rolls, boxes, old magazines, newspapers, etc.

Valentine Grams

The student council is selling Valentine Grams before school. Please see eBackpack for the flyer.

High Fives for Hard Work

Hopefully everyone got to see the Poetry Pages that went home on the 7th! The kids are working hard to fill in the pages with plenty of poems and responses.

This week, the All About Culture Books will be sent home. Give your expert researcher a high-five! Please remember to return the books as I put them in their Writing Portfolios.

I also sent home the Historical Timeline project last week. The kids did a great job researching their famous Americans! You may keep this project at home.




Jack D....28th

Calendar and Upcoming Events

Barnes and Noble School Spirit Event....Feb. 9th at 11 am

Valentines Party...Feb. 14th

No School/Staff Development/President's Day....Feb. 18th

3rd Grade Economics Fair....Feb. 20th (students may bring a bag and money to spend)

Spotlight Stallion

This week, Peter is so excited to go home with Jocelyn Lee! Way to go, Jocelyn! She is an awesome student and a great friend in the class. Have fun with Peter this weekend!