Mrs. Murray's Class

January 15, 2016

Transportation Changes/Community Ed

If you are signing up for an EISD Community Ed class, please let me know how that impacts transportation changes for your student. Thanks!



We completed money, and began 2 digit subtraction. Your student will be bringing home a few math problems most nights to review what was covered in class. Please take this opportunity to work with your student and have them explain what they are learning.

Reader's Workshop

The students learned to identify features of non-fiction text such as table of contents, headings, captions, diagrams, index and glossary.

Writer's Workshop

Animal Research project--completed research and begin the writing process next week.

Social Studies

Your student completed their research and created a presentation with their partner. Ask them who the person was they researched.


Learning Focus

Writing: Animal Research Project

Reading: Guided Reading/ Reader's Workshop

Math: Two Digit Subtraction

Social Studies: Biographies and Timelines

Skills Streaming: Practicing Self Control

Student of the Week: Oliver Garcia

Upcoming Dates

1/18 Student Holiday
1/21 Chik Fil A Spirit Night Lake Travis
1/25 Book Spring Read-A-Thon begins
1/27 No HW night
1/28 Late Start

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Conversations with Counselors

conversations with counselors

Mo Greulich & Kelly Coulter


Embrace the Essence: Understanding the Gifted Child

How is the gifted brain different anatomically? What are some ways gifted individuals experience life at a more intense level? How does that impact their learning and relationships with others? How can we support and “embrace” our children? This session is for parents of children who are gifted (whether they are labeled as such and receiving gifted services or not) to gain a deeper understanding of how gifted brains are different, overexcitabilities, and the implications of both.

Where: Barton Creek Elementary iLab

Date: Thursday, February 4, 2016

Time: 8:00 am – 10:00 am

Cost: FREE

**Deadline to register is: January 29, 2016!

(There is a 20 person limit for this session on a first come/first serve registration basis.)


Please register me for your upcoming Conversations with Counselors!


Phone: E-mail:

Number, name, and age of children:

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