Displaced People

By:Yesenia Alonso

Displaced Person

A person who is forced to leave their home country because of war, persecution or natural disaster, a refugee.

People suffering in the Middle East.

In the Middle East more and more people are losing their homes and belongings due to all the terrorist attacks that are happening around them every other day unexpectedly. The people have no other option but to become refugees and try to see if they can go find help elsewhere. Many of them trying to escape from their country are dying since they don't have enough resources to survive. Families are being separated, parents are seeing their children die right in front of them and even worst things are happening. People around them have to take action and find a solution to try and help those that are suffering.

How can other countries help out the displaced people?

There are a lot of refugees around the world that need some type of shelter in other countries. Countries that are not being attacked by terrorist should help out those people that are escaping away from their harmful country which are being attacked. People that are willing to help refugees should donate some money to build a camp for them or some type of shelter so they can have a place to be safe at and receive help.


People should not disregard refugees around the world instead the government and leaders should find a way to help out those in need. Displaced people are struggling more now than before. Even the future leaders have to put effort and see what can be done to help out refugees and even try to help out the countries being attacked.
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