How Impotant People Have Persevered

By: Charlie Hanneman


The most famous people in the world have persevered through some kind of adversity in their lives. People who society looks up to for many reasons have shown that they have had to overcome an obstacle in their life, big or small. Many of these people would define perseverance as continually fighting to achieve a goal. They would describe perseverance as this because many of them were not handed life on a silver platter. They worked for hours, to days, to months on end trying to reach their goal.
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Tom Monaghan "From Rolling Dough to Rolling in Dough" ~Cause and Effect

Tom Monaghan experienced many adversities throughout his career. When Tom was starting to try and make his business “take off” he found that one person was not enough to get the job done. Tom hired an assistant, or a partner, to help him. Because Tom did this many events happened that were harmful to him. Tom’s partner went bankrupt, because he would buy so many things he did not need, causing Tom to try and help him get out of his bankruptcy. Tom gave his partner 20,000 dollars to try and help him with his debt. Tom was able to help get his partner out of this situation but still the partner was not helping Tom’s Business. Tom’s partner was hospitalized, for reasons that were not told in the story. Tom’s partner told Tom that the partnership should be “dissolved” Tom agreed and went back to his own business. Tom was so far in debt his lawyer recommended that he should start over and forget about his business. Tom would describe perseverance as never giving up, because even though his partnership failed he would not yield to the overwhelming adversity he had to overcome.

Jackie Robinson "The Noble Experiment" ~Problem and Solution

Jackie Robinson impacted society not just on the baseball field, but outside of the stadium. African Americans were not being treated well by many people in the society Jackie was living in. People like Branch Rickey saw multiple solutions to help African Americans be respected in society. Branch thought that if he could bring an African American player into the major leagues it would help in the civil rights movement. Branch knew that the candidate must be able to endure all of the abuse that people in the stands would be saying towards him. The candidate must not retaliate to the people that did not want him in the major leagues. Branch also saw that if he could get Jackie in the league he could be the solution to showing people that it doesn't matter what skin color you have. Jackie had to realize that Branch would have to try and discourage the African American society from going to the baseball games so they don’t mess up the experiment. Branch saw that he could help society see Jackie Robinson more than just someone who plays baseball, but one of the stepping stones to ending segregation in society. Jackie would describe perseverance as never giving up because, Jackie knew that he would be taunted by lots of people in society. This did not stop Jackie from wanting to try and help Branch Rickey do this experiment.

"Hatchet" By Gary Paulsen ~Description

In the book “Hatchet” by Gary Paulsen the main character Brian faces many faces many adversities. Brian is flying in a plane to his dads house. The pilot has a heart attack. Brian proceeds to crash the plane into a lake. Brian survives, but is left alone with just a hatchet. Brian has to learn how to survive against many things that he would never encounter in the city. Brian has to do many things to survive when he is alone in the woods. He has to fight off mosquitos, find food, create shelter, drink water, and protect himself from wildlife in the woods. Brian faces all of these challenges with one thought on his mind, survival. Brian would describe perseverance as fighting to reach goal because, Brian was alone for 54 days but never stopped fighting for his survival. Brian fought to reach his goal even when approached with adversities, like when the plane crashed. Brian escaped and was able to get to shore safely. This shows how Brian fought because he did not give up no matter how impossible survival seemed.


In conclusion, many people that we can relate to and look up to have faced adversity. They all have had to fight to persevere through the adversity that they faced. We can learn many things from the perseverance of others in society. They can show us how to be resilient, and to never let adversity stop us from reaching a goal. By having a strong resolve we can overcome adversities in our life. Many people who have impacted society can help people in the world learn how to overcome adversity. Take Jackie Robinson for example, Jackie showed society that no matter what anyone says you can do anything you want to do. In that time many african americans were not respected, but Jackie helped end that. Anyone in the world can overcome adversity if you are ready to fight and put in all of the work needed to overcome the adversity that you have to face.