Disney Cruise

Where will your trip be too?

Cozumel, Mexico and Castaway Cay.

What Will You Do On Your Trip?

In the Caribbean, you can swim with the dolphins, watch the beautiful sunset, snorkel under the sea, zip-line through the jungle, go horseback riding on the beach, go on a safari in the Dominican Republic, go tubing down a jungle river, explore an island cave. In Cozumel, Mexico you can go to the luxurious Paradise Beach. There are ,also, many things you can do on the cruise ship. Such as: going down the huge slide, playing in the waterpark, relaxing in the adult pool ,and hot tub area, watch a movie while swimming in the pool, meet and take pictures with characters from Disney movies and TV shows, play family game shows, run around the track, and last but not least exercise in the workout room.

Explain The Length Of Your Trip

We are leaving on December 21, 2014 and we will come back December 26, 2014.

Explain travel Accommodations

Our plane will leave at 1:57 P.M. and lands at 5:08 P.M. on December twentieth. We will stay at a five star hotel over night, and then we will be boarding our cruise on the twenty-first.

Cost of Travel and Place your Staying?

We will be riding a plane to Miami, Florida. The plane tickets for three people will cost one thousand five hundred and nine dollars. We will be staying at a five star hotel overnight in Miami Florida. That will cost two hundred and thirty-one dollars. On the twenty-first we will be boarding the Disney Wonder. For three people to go on this cruise it will cost five thousand one hundred and ninety-two dollars. If we were to add all those things up over all it would cost six thousand and nine hundred and thirty-two dollars.


We will be staying at a hotel when we land for one night. The hotel is five stars and very luxurious. The name of this hotel is JW Marriot Marquis Miami. In this hotel there is a view of the city right out your bedroom window. You can get your own dinning room, living room, and kitchen. There is an outdoor pool here looking out at the skyline of the city. There are many different sports you can play here. Lastly, you can get great massages.