Child Vaccinations

By Connor Loftus

Should Vaccinations be mandatory?

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Should Parents make the descision?

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Pro Perspective

"We need public health to rebuild our economy"

Many people believe that without child vaccinations, ordinary people without vaccinations can get deadly diseases that can be horrible for public health and the economy. If everyone had to get vaccinations, then no one could ever be hurt. But is that true?

Con Perspective

"Pharmaceutical companies bottom line is the dollar, the parents bottom line is their childs's health

Many people believe that vaccines can't hurt you. In fact, one out of every 1,500 children will have a reaction that can harm the child and can possibly lead to death. There have been many cases where a child get autism from these vaccines. Many parents are worried about vaccines and they will delay when they get vaccines or not do them at all. But, is it worth it?

In the end...

My personal opinion is that some vaccines should be mandatory by a certain age. I believe that "one size does not fit all." While some are mandatory, some should be optional. These vaccines are for parents to decide if the child needs it
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The below graphs show why some vaccines should be mandatory