Cleaning The Penis

How To Clean the penis

Pull your foreskin fully back so that you can see the whole the head of the penis and the coronal groove behind it. Wash away all the waste product called smegma from in there using soap and water. Water alone does not do the job properly since smegma is oily. Use a wash cloth to remove stubborn deposits. Rinse off the soap well with clean water. Release your foreskin which may re-cover the glans. When drying yourself, pull back the foreskin again and pat the glans and inner foreskin dry without rubbing it , then replace your foreskin over the glans. Make sure that you wash under the foreskin at least once a day.

Why Do we need to Keep our penis clean

Keeping your penis clean is essential to avoid fungal and bacterial infections which readily develop under the foreskin. You will also reduce the risk of infection if you retract your foreskin every time you urinate so as not to trap any urine in the foreskin.

What not to do when trying to clean the penis

When first trying to clean the penis do not try to pull the foreskin back straight away take your time it hurts stop there, The more times you try it the stretcher the foreskin will get , allowing you to pull it right back. Also when drying the glans of the penis make sure you pat it with a towel and not rub it.

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