Maria Moncada


  • Helsinki is in the north of Finland in Europe.
  • It's a big city(it's a city because it have a cathedral). Helsinki is the biggest city in Finland.
  • It´s got aproximatly 5,900,000 millions inhabitants.


  • Helsinki is an old city. It's was founded in 1550.

By Gustavo Vasa, an oldest Sweeden king

  • In 1872 Helsinki was named capital of Filand.
  • In 1917 Finland became independent from Russia.
  • In 1952 Helsinki was prepared to the Olimpycs Games.
  • In 2007 Eurovision was held in Helsinki.

Good things

  • In Helsinki the most of the people go by bike, because to this, Filand is one of the least polluted cities in the world.
  • You can do ski.
  • Go to the beach.
  • It have a good education system