Luis P.

How to treat ringworm?

Ringworm is treat by this cream that you put on your skin and it will heal it. How do you put it you have to put it on the ring around it and it will heal.

Who are the people that get ringworm?

A lot of people that get ringworms are mostly kids. Why do kids get ringworm alot that's because they usually play outside and they can get the fungus that causes ringworm. African American kids usually get ringworm because it's usually passed from pets on the soil.

where did ringworm start ?

Ringworm start in middle late english.There are There are three fungi that start ringworm they are called trichophyton,mictosporum,and epidermophyton.Ringworm is get from the soil and it has the diffent fungi that cause ringworm.

What is ringworm ?

Ringworm is a disease that is highly contagious. Ringworm can make you itchy and how do you know how you have it you can tell because it has a red ring around your skin.

Why did ringworm affect a lot of people in the 1900s?

Why do ringworm affect the lot of people in there early 1900s because there is no care back then that was easy enough to cure ringworm so a lot of people had to wait a few weeks so ringworm here so they can go to a different country for example like America.