HRE Weekly Bulletin

February 22nd through February 26th

This week at a glance...

Mon, Feb 22nd: 3rd Grade Flessner PD @ Admin

Tue, Feb 23rd: Flessner Debrief (3rd & 4th), 8:00

Tue, Feb 23rd: SIP Review Meeting, 3:45

Wed, Feb 24th: HA Meeting (J. Lee's room), 8:15

Wed, Feb 24th: World Read Aloud Day

Thur, Feb 25th: SIP Presentation @ Admin, 1:00

Fri, Feb 26th: School Spirit Day (Favorite President/1st Lady)

Fri, Feb 26th: HSSF Game Day Event @ Connor Prairie

Fire Inspection

HRE will be visited by the Fire Marshall at some point the week of February 22nd. Please be sure your room is prepared appropriately. The visit may take place during the school day. If you have any questions please let Sam or I know.

Next week at a glance...

Mon, Feb 29th: ISTEP Testing (3rd & 4th)

Mon, Feb 29th: Delay Schedule #1 for Related Arts

Tue, Mar 1st: ISTEP Testing (3rd & 4th)

Tue, Mar 1st: Delay Schedule #2 for Related Arts

Wed, Mar 2nd: ISTEP Testing (4th)

Thur, Mar 3rd: ISTEP Make-up Testing

Thur, Mar 3rd: Admin PD, 9:00-4:00

Fri, Mar 4th: ISTEP Make-up Testing

Fri, Mar 4th: PTO Movie Night

Congrats Amber Townsend!

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Third grade teacher, Amber Townsend is this week's GRIP winner! Amber was caught showing Purpose this week. Amber is always enthusiastic and her energy transfers to her students. She approached the HRE Health Fair with this spirit and helped lead her class and Mrs. Loftus' class. Thanks for all you do Amber!

Other staff members receiving nominations this time were...Kathy May and Wendi Washburn. Don't forget to nominate a colleague who you catch "Getting a GRIP"! Nomination slips are here in the office.

ISTEP...Round 1 read that title correctly! We will administer the first round of ISTEP testing beginning on Monday, February 29th. Due to the large number of students receiving accommodations, we need to utilize additional staff members to make testing happen in a timely manner. We will be pulling in additional staff, including our related arts teachers to assist with small group testing. Rather than create a separate testing schedule for related arts classes, we will be operating on our two hour delay schedule on Monday, February 29th and Tuesday, March 1st. Monday (29th) will be Delay Schedule #1 and Tuesday (1st) will be Delay Schedule #2. I will send an updated two hour delay schedule this week. Testing for fourth grade will continue on Wednesday, but will not impact scheduling for other grade levels. The remainder of the testing window will be used for test make-ups. As always, please let Kate or I know if you have any questions.

HSE21 In Action!

The clip below illustrates how technology can meaningfully amplify literacy instruction. In addition to their traditional Reading and Writing Workshop work with book making and small group reading conferences, students maintain organized electronic folders for their quick work at literacy stations.

· Audio Books: build background on a topic or model reading fluency

· Phonemic Awareness: reinforcement through game play

· Building Word Families: application of a word pattern to other words

Click the link or copy it to view...

School Improvement Plan Review

There will be an OPTIONAL meeting on Tuesday, February 23rd directly following dismissal in room 1. This meeting is for SIT members and ANYONE else who would like to attend. We want all staff to have a voice if you would like. At this meeting we will review the HRE School Improvement Plan. I will send out some basic plan informational prior to this meeting. If you cannot attend please do not worry about really is optional, promise. You can provide any feedback you have directly at the meeting or to a SIT committee member.

Copier Etiquette 101

The following items have been shared by your colleagues regarding copier etiquette. Please read through and assist where you can...

  • If you need to make multiple copies (such as a class set), please only print one set, retrieve it from the printer, and then go to the copier to make the multiple copies that you need. This will allow you to monitor the job, replenish paper etc. This will also assist in not delaying a colleague who is physically present in the workroom to make copies during their preparation time.

  • Please use the office workroom and green hallway workroom copiers for most of your jobs. The library printer should be used primarily for color copies. The computer lab printer should be used sparingly so that classes in the lab may print to that machine. The big copier in the office workroom (#1) is the fastest.

  • Please do not print teacher pay teacher materials in their entirety directly from the website. If you would like something from their website, please copy and paste it to a word document then print the word document. This website constantly causes the machines to get stuck in a spooling queue therefore causing any subsequent jobs to be stuck and eventually deleted.

Fire Drill Notes

Just a few follow-up items from this week's fire drill...

  • Be sure to close your classroom door & turn off the lights
  • Post your Blue "All Clear" sign outside of your door
  • If your grade level is at Literacy Friday, please make your way to that area to assist with crowd control
  • Please call teacher names and classes in the order they appear on the sheet
  • Be sure your radio is on Channel 1 during the drill

World Read Aloud Day, February 24th

Please visit the following link to learn more about WRAD!