SLO Newsletter

December 2014/January 2015

SLOs are Back!

As we near the end of the first semester, remember to prepare for our next SLO administration coming in January. This applies to select 9 and 18 week courses, and any delayed 36-week courses. A list of these courses will be emailed to all SLO contacts along with the testing windows. As always, these documents are located on the SLO team site under the "resources" area.

You may notice some year-long courses will have post tests available in FultonConnect and on the team site. McClarin and Independence, our non-traditional high schools will be posttesting in December for their year-long courses. The remaining schools will posttest in May for their year-long courses.

The Assessment Department will be sending update emails soon, as well as conducting ongoing SLO administration webinars to address any questions or concerns you may have. Look for these communications coming your way soon!

SLO Updates

Testing Windows

December Post-test: (Non-traditional schools ONLY)

Year-long courses - 12/8 - 12/19

January Pre-test:

9-week courses - 01/12 - 01/23

18-week courses - 01/12 - 01/30

Delayed 36-week courses - 01/12 - 01/30

All assessments must be completed and results recorded in FultonConnect by the last day of each window.

Upcoming Webinars

December 12th @ 1PM

January 8th @ 3:30PM

We will send the webinar links 24 hours in advance via email. All webinars will be recorded and sent out for future reference.

Administration Best Practices


  • Do not Release assessments until schedules are stable.

  • The teacher who starts the administration of the assessment(s) MUST complete the administration. This includes recording the results in FultonConnect.

  • Assessments that are performance-based and don’t require student interaction with FultonConnect can be administered beginning January 6, 2015. Resources to administer assessments are located on the SLO Team Site and will be available beginning December 10th. The assessments do not require “releasing” until teachers are ready to record the results in the system.

SLO Blueprints

Teachers may access their SLO blueprint(s) via the SLO page. Directions will be available Friday, December 5th. Assessment blueprints provide information to teachers regarding the standards, items, depth of knowledge of the standards and items, and the type of items on the assessment. SLO assessments cover several different content areas and are customized to each course and content. Because of this customization there are different types of assessments ranging from all selected-response to all performance-based.

Teachers may use this information to help plan their instruction and better understand what students should know, understand, and be able to do by the end of the course. Many assessments are developed based on the most critical standards in a course. That said, blueprints are not intended to narrow the curriculum taught in a course. Rather, all standards should be taught with fidelity. Blueprints are intended to guide instruction and create a big picture of the end result.

SLO Team Site

All testing materials have been streamlined per your feedback. SLO contacts and their teams may access materials by December 10th. This will give schools two weeks before testing to prepare and get organized for a smoother administration.

Remember to peruse the "resources" area for support materials i.e., course list, consolidated testing calendar, irregularity form, security assurance form, etc.

SLO Support

SLO Assessments & Administration

Danita Pettiford and/or Chenita Jarrett

Teacher Evaluation or Roster Verification

Celeste Stansberry


South: Heavenly Montgomery

Central: Carla Austin

Northeast: Orrie Henry

Northwest: LaKenji Hastings