Welcome to Yeez-Nuts

“Fashion breaks my heart” -Kanye West

History of Our Nation

Found in 2003 when Kanye West dropped College Dropout. Yeez-Nuts was formally know as Ye, up until the rise of Welvin Harris a known vine star of the popular video “Got’em”. Kanye West or his ruling name Ye or Yeezus is our current head ruler of our nation. Mr. Harris is the appointed speaker of the people of Yeez-Nuts. In 2015 our Ye declared he will continue to run for Ye into the leading years of 2020 on the United States VMA’s.

Current Affairs of YN

Currently in Yeez-Nuts we are working toward a better future. We are assisting Some States after The Great Ye-Move. Since we over took most of the resources we are helping them feed the population.

In the last few years we have been butting heads with Madagascar. They been threatening to send some of their wild animals to terrorize our citizens. The latest up from the growing situation is that Yeez-Nuts is sending them copies of the movie Madagascar to hope that will fix any misunderstandings.

Owen Ward's little country [insert name of country] is one of many countries give protection to. Without us he would crumple due lack if stability of where he pick to put his country.

Our Government Structure

Yeez-Nuts is a Unitary Authoritarian Oligarchy. There is three seats of power. The Ye, President, and The Dis. The Ye's job is to promote the economy and help growth. The President is promote the well-being of the citizens of Yeez-Nuts. The Dis is appointed to protect the YN from outside threats.

Our capital is Chi-Town formally known as Chicago. The renaming of the capital came after the Ye thought it needed rebranding and it being easier to say.

Rights of Citizens

Citizens will continue to have the same rights as if they were citizens of the former United States. The only things that they have no right to vote.

Our Country

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Top 3 Resources

  • Dope Beats

  • Fashion

  • Assorted Variety of Nuts

World Leader in Beat Production

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4th in the World of Nut Exporting

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2nd in Fashion

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