6 pack

Daily Workouts Review by Mia Lepardo

6 pack review

This app tracks your eating schedule and shows you videos of your daily workouts. It gives you motivation by giving you notifications and alerts when you are scheduled to do your exercise.
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The workouts should be longer because there is no way anyone can get a six pack from a 2 minute exercise everyday.

My music cant be played while on this app, music gives people motivation and energy

The eating chart is very strict and says specific brands and names of food. I personally don't have a car or money so I cant get all my meals everyday :(


They show you the step by step process of the exercise so you to it right.

They show videos of the person doing the exercise instead of words.

You don't need a lot of equipment and you can feel the burn!

Overall review

This app has next to no ads and that is very user friendly.

I am very likely to recommend this to a friend.

This app doesn't take any of your personal information.

It saves your progress every time.

Someone who needs a first step of ab workout.

Plus its no money!!!!!

Other parts of the app

It has an eating section for very specific meals.

It has a section to track your progress in the app.

It has a learning section to learn different moves.

It has a section for selfies so you can take pictures of your abs and your progress.

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