rosa abbot

by Taylor smith

Rosa abbot was born Tuesday 14 January 1873 when she was on the titanic she was 39 she was traveling with her two sons but unflinchingly they did not survive but she did she was the only women from third class to survive.

the ship

Rosa abbot was in third class her ticket cost 20 pounds length was 269.1 the height was 53.3 meaters 825 was the amount of coal used per day, in tonnes.10,000 was the approximate number of lamp bulbs used on the ship.first class people where the ones with good wealth second class was the people with good education thired class was th people based on there background
Rosa died Monday 18 February 1946 11:30 am on April 14. Titanic was equipped with a Marconi wireless, and there had been sporadic reports of ice from other ships. finally dove beneath the icy surface at approximately 2:20 a.m. on April 15.the titanic had 16 water tight compartments finally,the Titanic dove beneath the ice surface at 2:20 am on April 15. rosa abbot was the only woman from the third class to make it.she lived on east providence road island united states .Rhoda was divorced and after the titanic she went back to live with her mother.