The Road to War

How to prepare for war with the Britain

The Second Continental Congress

Then they met at the Pennsylvania State House. The congress where worried that the British will attack. By June Congress agreed that the colonies should at least prepare for war. The Second Continental Congress war called to meet in Philadelphia on May 10, 1775 . The continental army came to be called was the first united colonial army in the 13 colonies . Full - time soldiers , unlike the part - time militas that every colony already had . George Washington was chosen to be the commander in chief which means the leader of all the military forces. John Adams , a delegates from Massachusetts suggested Washington never doses because he fought in the French and Indian War.
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The Battle of Bunker Hill

The Battle in Bunker Hill took place by Boston on June 17, 1775. Gorge Washington was chosen leader of the Continental Army. 2,400 British soldiers and General William where sent to capture Breed's Hill. The colonaid commanders are Israrael Putman and William Presott.
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