By: Owen Gilbert

Information about columbia

Columbias capital is bogota. Some major cities of Columbia are Santiago de Cali, madellin, Cartagena, and bucaramanga.

History about Columbia

Columbia was onced controlled by another country. That country was Spain, but eventually Columbia got loose of Spain's grasp and gained its independence. Columbia gained its independence on July 20, 1810. Columbia is no longer controlled by a country and its official language is Spanish. The colors of its flag are a mixture of yellow, blue, and red.

Geographical information

Columbia is located in the northern part of south America. Some physical features of Columbia are the Magdalena river, the Cauca river, and the Amazon river.

Political information

Columbia has a republican government. Columbias leaders name is Juan Manuel Santos.

Economic information

Columbias currency is columbian peso, and there money equals the same amount as the u.s. Their economic system is capitalism.

Tourist information

People should visit Columbia for their amazing landscape. Places people can visit are the Rosario islands, Cartagena, Tirana national park, and Santa Mara.