Malala Yousafzai

An individual who has caused change

Who is Malala?

  • Malala was born in 1997 in Mingora, Pakistan.
  • As a child, the Taliban became more and more present in her life.
  • Malala went against the Taliban's practices and advocated for girls' education.
  • The Taliban issued a death threat against her, but she was not worried.
  • A gunman shot her in the left side of her head, but she survived with no major long term injuries.
  • Malala continues to support girls' education and womens' rights all around the world.
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What does Malala do to support womens' rights?

  • In her childhood, Malala fought for her education all over Pakistan after the Taliban attacked her school.
  • She has won several major awards and recognition for all she does.
  • She wrote a biography and continues to speak in defense for girls' education rights all around the world.

How has Malala changed the world?

  • She sparked the idea of childrens' education all around the world.
  • Three million people have signed the Malala petition.
  • Her fearless personality and actions are inspiring to many.
  • She has created the Malala fund.
  • She has proved that there is no age limit to make a change.
  • She has illustrated the importance of peaceful protest.
  • The United Nations recommitted to Millennium Development Goal 2. (By 2015, children everywhere will have at least primary education.)