Night of the Twisters

by Ivy Ruckman

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About Dan, Arthur, and Stacey

Other Characters In The Story

Some other characters are Dan's mom, Dan's dad, Ryan, aunt Goldie, Dan's grandma, Dan's grandpa, Mrs. Smiley, Danny, Ronnie Vae, Mr. Darlington, Mrs. Darlington, Dan's cat, Arthur's mom

Problem/Solution #1

Lets start with one very important problem that gets solved. After the tornado Dan's house was destroyed. And when Dan tried to get out of his house he got stuck by many nails when he went up the stairs. So that made Dan, Arthur, and Ryan trapped in Dan's basement. Next Stacey came and she pulled all three of them out of the basement. But it was not easy for Dan because got stuck by even more nails, lucky Ryan all wrapped up in towels was safe and so were Dan and Arthur.

Problem/Solution #2

Dan, Arthur, and Stacey go with a policeman to his car, but the policeman's glasses broke so he could not see. Next, he asked Dan to drive his car. Dan did what he said, but he was really worried because he had never drove a car before. Then Dan started the car and they took off. After that the policeman tooled Dan to go to the police station, so Dan did. When they got their the policeman left them behind. Then Dan, Arthur, and Stacey went to jail, but lucky they eventually got out of jail.

Night of The Twisters summery

Lets start from the top, in this story there are three main characters Dan, Arthur, and Stacey. Dan and Arthur are best friends and they always stick together. So when they get home from school Dan asked his mom if Arthur could stay the night. Then, Dan' mom say yes, but she made a face at Dan that meant way didn't you tell me first. After that Dan's mom tooled both of them listen closely, so they did. Dan's mom said go get Ryan if the tornado sirens start going off and also here is a blanket to cover all of you. Next, thing you know she was gone. So Dan and Arthur were prepared and did what Dan's mom tooled them to do. Then the sirens started going off, so Dan said I have to go get Ryan, but Arthur said not yet. Addition to that is Dan said turn on the radio to see what's going on. After that the sirens started going off and on over and over again and again. Next the radio stop and it had the letters CD. Then, Dan went and got Ryan and all three of them headed down to the basement. Dan had no idea what to do because his mom was gone. Then, it started to rain really hard and lighting was striking every where. Next, the tornado hit the ground and destroyed lots of houses. Later on in the story Arthur's family get back together and so do Dan's family and every thing gets fixed and that's how it ends.


The setting of the story is what happen and hall long it took to fix stuff and how much damage it did. One of my favorite parts was when Dan got to drive a police car. Another one is when they all find there family's.