The diary of anne frank

Mr Van daan

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Mr van dan is the father of the van daans.his reak name is herman.Mr van daan has a reallyshort temper.He likes to smoke alot of cigarretts.he works in amsterdam
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Hope isgokd when thjngs look rough.

In The Diary of Anne Frank the theme “Hope is good when things look rough” is seen throughout. There was hope through the play sometimes things seemed like it couldn't get any better it but some still had hope that the nazis wouldn't take them. During the new year they were talking about how the wanted peace.Then Miep said “the American troops just arrived in Normandy”(428).Even when they thought that nothing could get better Miep told them about the troops and the had hope again that they could return to their normal lives after the war. Another example that hope carries the annex members through hard time is when Anne is writing in her diary and the green police were up in e annex and she said “ If Miep or mr kraler finds this diary please keep it safe until I come back.”(433). Even though Anne was going to a concentration amp she always thought she was coming back.

Courage helps you survive whenlife is bad

In The Diary of Anne Frank the theme “Courage helps you survive when life is bad” is seen throughout the play. When someone broke into the factory mr frank said he would go down and when he didn't return Peter said “I will go down and get him”(407).this how's that Peter shows that he can help out even though he is shy most of the time.another example that courage helps the annex survive is when they walked to the annex on the road and Anne said “ my mom woke me up and said to put as much clothes as we can because we were going into hiding” (372). They could have gotten captured but they still walked but they had to walked gingerly.

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A character I would like to examine is Mr. Van Daan. The object ichoose was a cigar .the reason i choose a cigar was to show how mr van daan likes to smoke when they go there he had two packs of cigarettes when they were in the annex.

By the end of the week he had already smoked both packs. When they were celebrating hanukkah and anne gives mr van daan gives him a cigar and he practically loses it. And this is some examples on how a cigar represents Mr.van Daan