Shared System Flash

Quick tidbits of interest to IndyPL employees

Welcome New Members

The Shared System went live at five new locations yesterday! If you work at a circ desk or run pull lists, you will begin to see some new location codes very soon. Many thanks to all the people who play a role in bringing in new members - Cataloging, Processing, IT, Membership, Facilities, Accounting, and branches! Yes, branches! Some of our new members observed your collections to make decisions about their own.

ICAN - Indianapolis College Preparatory School (public charter). Allen Wright is resurrecting the library at the location of the former Andrew Academy near 38th and Sherman. With help from East 38th Street branch, his students are equipped with library cards and should be using them soon.

IPARL - Arlington High School (IPS). Media specialist Charles Swink is desperate to get books into the hands of his kids. He told me this morning their AP English teacher surveyed all 95 AP English students. Just one student knew she had a library card.

OAKB - The Oaks Academy, Brookside (private)

OAKF - The Oaks Academy, Fall Creek (private)

OAKM - The Oaks Academy, Middle School (private)

We're especially happy to welcome all three Oaks Academy locations after three years of conversation. As part of their transition to the Shared System, they reclassified their juvenile materials. Their students, who are from all over the city, will know where to find what they need when they visit their nearest branch library!

Collections at these five locations will not be requestable until later this semester to give their library staff a chance to get comfortable with Horizon.

Remember, you can find Shared System contact information, calendars and delivery schedules on the Shared System Extranet.

Shared System Media Update

Shared System members are now happy to share their CDs with IndyPL patrons. They decided to continue to reserve their DVDs for use only at their locations.

All Shared System members have weeded their supply of VHS tapes. Most went to recycling. Our museum members archived some particularly special ones, such as interviews of well-known artists.

IndyPL Shared System Intranet

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IndyPL Shared System Extranet

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