An area in the new world

"The past is never dead. It's not even past" as William Faulkner wrote.

1. less illnesses

Over in the east there are more illnesses than over here in Minnesota.

2. more jobs like lumber, mining...ect

Over here in Minnesota there is more land to explore so there for more mining, and lumber.In Minnesota it would be best to travel from east to west in an Ox cart because you can bring your belongings, get milk from the ox and it is not the slowest ride out there.

3.There is successful businesses\towns

Pigs Eye landing was a successful town that ended up being called Saint Pall around 1838. It became successful because of it being built on a famous river. It is also is successful because of a famous building. Zebulon Pike founded it is called Fort Snelling. He is important because if not for him Fort Snelling would not be here there for no Pigs Eye Landing. He is also important because he is a Lieutenant in the war.