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Come to Malabo in Equatorial Guinea

A Beautiful City in the North Atlantic Ocean

Malabo is the capital of Equatorial Guinea and is located on the northern coast of the island of Bioko on the rim of a sunken volcano. Malabo has a population of 155,963 people and is the second largest city in the country. Come to Malabo now because a new planned city name Oyala on the African mainland is currently under construction and will soon replace Malabo as the capital of the country.
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Cultural Attractions to Choose From

Getting There is Easy

Malabo is served by Lufthansa Airline from Franfurt, Germany. Prices on Kayak.com lists prices as low as $1,239 per person from Little Rock. That's only $4,956 for a family of four. Total time to get from Little Rock to Malabo is approximately 25 hours.

Excellent Accommodations are Available

The Hilton Malabo is only minutes away from the Malabo airport and has excellent accommodations. A room for two adults and two children costs $416 a night including tax but not including breakfast. That's about $104.00 per person per night. Breakfast can be added for about $11.00 per person per day. For more information visit: http://www3.hilton.com/en/index.html

The only five star hotel in Malabo is the Sofitel President Palace. Accommodations there are about $775 a night for four people including tax and breakfast. That's less than $195 for each person per night. For more information visit: http://www.sofitel.com/gb/booking/hotels-list.shtml

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Malabo is a City of Many Features

Malabo was founded by the British in 1827, who leased the island from Spain. It was first named Port Clarence and was used as a naval station in the effort to stop the slave trade. Many of those slaves still live there now and are called Fernandinos. They make up a separate ethnic group speaking their own dialect.

When the island went back to complete Spanish control, Malabo was renamed Santa Isabel. It was chosen to replace the mainland city of Bata as the capital of the country in 1969, and was renamed Malabo in 1973 as part of the country's campaign to replace European place names with "authentic" African ones.

For more information about Malabo visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malabo

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