Digital Badging

January 2016 Issue 2

Badge Stats to Date

  • Digital Badges issued so far: 5,317
  • Digital Badges issued this school year: 4,816
  • Digital Badges issued in January: 141

Program Updates

Digital Badging is open to ALL schools. Do you know a teacher at another school who might be interested in Badging their students? If so, talk to them about how to incorporate Badging into their classroom and the importance of noticing and naming their students' 21st Century Skills!

Bright Spots

Congratulations Randy Mills for issuing 106 Digital Badges this year! Mr. Mills is dedicated to the Digital Badging program and understands the importance of helping his students develop 21st Century Skills. He is also committed to his own professional development as he has joined every Google Hangout Professional Development our team has held this year.
Another shout out to both Gwynn Moore and Brandon Whittaker who have worked diligently to plan out how their students will earn Summit Badges by the end of the year. Both of these hard-working teachers mapped out their curriculum and connected it to Digital Badges. They have both gone above and beyond in their planning and we are excited to see all of their students reach Summit Badge status this year.

Endorser Update

Do your students enjoy critically thinking to solve problems in class? If so, then plan for them to earn their Critical Thinking Summit Badge so they can earn a reward with Aurora Auto Pros!

Aurora Auto Pros is a full service preventative maintenance and automotive repair shop. Employees of Aurora Auto Pros must use the skills of investigation, exploration, analysis and organization in order to figure out how to solve problems. Your students will love earning a reward with this family owned and operated shop as they learn about what it may be like to have a career in the field of Critical Thinking.

January Tip of the Month: It's all about Quality!

When planning out how students will earn Badges, don't forget to think about Quality. Below are some guiding questions you can ask yourself to ensure that all Badges you issue are of the highest quality.

  • Does this Badge provide rigor for our students?
  • Can the student demonstrate this skill independently?
  • Has the student had multiple opportunities to show this skill?
  • Is the Badge evidence based?
  • Is the Badge transferable?
  • Is the Badge based on a small/granular skill?

Amanda Rose McLean - Digital Badge Partner

Feel free to contact me with questions. I would love to stop by your room and listen for Badging opportunities!
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