Enrollment Plans for Fall 2020


See graphics and info below for information on our program offerings. Any student we do not receive a program option for will automatically be enrolled in our Continuous Learning 2.0 program.

Communicating your enrollment plans & changes

Please fill out the survey at the end of the newsletter ONLY IF:

1. You are changing the plans you indicated on the survey in July.

2. You are changing the plans you communicated to the school during this last week.

3. You DID NOT fill out the survey and want your child enrolled in Conway Connects (parent led, teacher supported learning) rather than Continuous Learning 2.0 teacher led program.

4. You do not want your K/1 student on campus and have NOT communicated that with the school.

Enrollment Assumptions

Hello Cougar Families,

We are in the process of finalizing our opening plans for fall. In order to develop our plans for staffing on campus and with our online programs we need your help. By the end of this week we have to determine bus routes, need for food service staff and meals to prepare, custodial needs, the number of teachers and paraeducators on campus as well as adjusting staff if needed for our Continuous Learning and Conway Connects programs.

If you are still on the fence about which program, please take a look at the descriptions in the illustration below. We need families to choose their option by Friday August 14th.

Here are some assumptions we are making for enrollment in one of our programs. These assumptions are based on the surveys we sent out in June and July and communication with some families over the last two weeks.

1. All 2nd - 8th grade students will be either in Continuous Learning 2.0 (teacher directed) or Conway Connects (parent led, teacher supported).

  • If you chose in-person learning, which is no longer an option, we are assuming your student(s) will be part of our Continuous Learning 2.0 program.

2. K-1 students will be on campus unless you indicated in the survey that you were choosing Continuous Learning 2.0 or Conway Connects.

3. If you contacted the school within the last two weeks we have your current plans and you don't need to contact us or fill out the survey.

4. If you have chosen homeschool rather than attending Conway, those plans are still the same.

Please note: Special Education students will be contacted by their teacher to work out individual plans.

If you applied as a choice transfer and have changed your mind you MUST notify the school. Choice transfers are always subject to board policy and procedures when applying to the district. There is no guarantee that your choice request would be approved when you reapply.

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