VCR 10

Open and Shut

Fill in the Blank!

I knew that Marge had some OCD, but it seemed a little extreme when she flew into a fit of ________ over a misaligned set of china.

Apoplexy - n.

A stroke; a sudden loss of muscular control, sensation, or consciousness usually resulting from rupture or blockage of a blood vessel

- Often used hyperbolically to describe a state of extreme rage that produces exaggerated responses

Choose the sentence in which the word in bold-faced type is used incorrectly.

a. Apoplexy is usually characteristic of the disorder epilepsy.

b. When Steve fell into a state of apoplexy at school, the teacher moved him onto his side.

c. Toddlers can have an apoplectic tantrum over the littlest things.

d. Steve was diagnosed with mild apoplexy as an infant.