Mini-Research Mission

By: Sean Bromirski, Block 1/2, 4/30/15

Mini-Research Mission Country 1: Pakistan

In Pakistan, no-one can dance, sing, and listen to music. Also in Pakistan, girls can't go to school either! Malala loves school so that stinks that she can't go.

Country 1: Pakistan, Source: I Am Malala

Nobody can dance, sing, and listen to music.

In Pakistan, no-one is aloud to listen to music, dance, and sing.

Pakistan Citations For Effect 1

E1C1: "She went to put on her dancing clothes, and when she returned to dance for them, they pulled out their guns and threatened to slit her throat." Pg. 147 from I Am Malala.

E1C2: "Within six months, people were getting rid of their TVs, DVDs, and CDs. Fazlullah's men collected them into huge heaps on the streets and set them on fire, creating clouds of thick black smoke that reached high into the sky."

Pakistan Citations For Effect 2

E2C1: "Ziauddin is running a haram school in your building and bringing shame on the mohalla.

E2C2: "The mufti clearly wasn't happy, as he wanted the school closed altogether."

Country 2: Saudi Arabia

There is a strict "dress code" and women cannot leave their houses without a "male escort"

Effect #1 For Saudi Arabia

There is a strict dress code in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Citations For Effect #1

E1C1: "Saudi Arabia has passed a controversial law requiring all female TV presenters to adhere to a mandatory Islamic dress code."

E1C2: The king's advisory body, the Shoura Council, ruled that the women should wear "modest" clothes that do not "show off their beauty."

Effect #2 For Saudi Arabia

Women cannot leave the house without a "male escort."

Saudi Arabia Citations For Effect #2

E2C1: When leaving the house, Saudi women need to be accompanied by a "mahram" who is usually a male relative."

E2C2: "In one extreme case, a teen reported that she had been gang-raped, but because she was not with a mahram."

Country 3: Sudan

In Sudan, people cannot laugh in public and also, people cannot ask for raises!

Effect #1 For Sudan

People cannot laugh in public.

Sudan Citations For Effect #1

E1C1: In a speech about "moral corruption" this past July, Turkey's Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Ar?nc attempted to ban women from laughing in public.

E1C2: After Ar?nc's outlandish demand, women protested by taking pictures of themselves laughing and circulated them on social media with the hashtag #kahkaha, which means laughter in Turkish.

Effect #2 For Sudan

People cannot ask for raises.

Sudan Citations For Effect #2

E2C1: His answer served as a perfect reminder of why women in the U.S. are still struggling for equal pay.

E2C2: It's not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will give you the right raises as you go along.

What I Learned Overall

I learned that a lot of countries on Earth are much different than The United States Of America. There are many experiences worldwide. Especially in the 3 countries that I wrote about here on my Smore Flyer. I wrote about: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.

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