Sun and Stars

by Melissa


Did you ever wonder what stars are? Stars are a bunch of hot gases. The gases burn and give off light and heat. The sun is the easiest star to find because it is the closest and biggest star. That is some information about the sun and stars.

Stars' Color

Did you know that stars can be different colors. If you look very closely at stars, stars are different colors. If you see a blue star, it means it is a hot star. If you see a red star that means it is a cold star. That is what we know about stars' colors.

The sun

There is a great distance between the Earth and the Sun. The sun is billions of miles away. The earth is the third planet from the sun. It would take 3 years just to go to the sun. That is how long it takes to go to the sun.

Stars in space

Have you ever wanted to know how many stars were in outer space? There are about 15,000 stars in outer space. There are billions of galaxies and billions of stars in those galaxies. If you counted since you were a baby and you were 500 years old, you still wouldn't count them all. That is some information about stars.
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Stars' cycle

Do you know what a stars cycle is? Dust and gases come together and make a star. A star can live up to 1 million years! Still, a star can explode in space . That is a star's cycle.


Galaxies- Outer space is one of billion galaxies out there

Star explosion- When a star in space dies, it does not stop glowing and just stays there

Cycle- When a process repeats itself over and over again