🐝by: Najma Munkayilar 🐝

One day I was walking to school...

Well thanks a lot to my dog Alexandra for smashing mums car.

"Oh my god not jakes house!! Oh yeah if you don't know jake I call him jake the sinister I just have feeling his aiming on me, when I mean aiming yes I mean killing".

So once I went home I went to mums room she was sleeping so I decided to take Alexandra to the park for a walk.

Once we arrived at the park I saw a guy, he looked "jake the sinister" so he came up to me and said "give me your ring" I said "no because my dad gave it to me before he passed away."

Jake didn't say anything he just walked away like nothing happened, I was shaking "let's go home Alexandra" I said.

When we arrived home I knew he was up to a little something I decided to hide my ring in my purse because I knew he would never find it were it was.

The next morning mum woke me up to go to school.

After I finish getting ready I went through my purse to get some lunch money "we're the heck is my ring?" I firstly had a feeling that Alexandra ate it because he loves eating my things!! (Not joking). But I thought better the next time and This time I definitely had a feeling that jake took it. (Duhhhhh)

When royalty arrived at school she saw"jake the sinister" he came out of nowhere!! I was walking with my friend she was holding her pet spider (tarantula) she was holding it and jake said " get that away from me now"!! Royalty said "no until you give back my ring back". "I didn't take I swear to god, now just take that freak away from me" shouted jake.
Once I arrived home from school mum told me to go to the shopping centre to buy some dog food for Alexandra and look for your ring.

Once I arrived at the shopping centre I went to coles to buy the dog food for Alexandra on my way I saw jakes wife Charlotte she is very kind I asked her if she saw a gold and ruby ring anywhere she replied with with a sneaky no on her face!!

On my way home I saw my teacher miss lily "hey sweetie I saw sombody holding your ring that you normally wear at school" said miss lily "oh really? Who was it?" I said " it was jakes wife Charlotte..?" Said miss lily " Charlotte" I said "yes her" said miss lily "thank you very much" I said.

Now it's my mission to find Charlotte and jake the sinister (not for long) at the same time for I can apologise to jake and get my ring back from his wife Charlotte I went home and started thinking about how I, gonna get her and jake "well you tomorrow is my favourite polices are on duty."

finded the ring. " here is your ring" said Lembert "thank you so much wanna come to my house after duty for dinner tonight"? I Said "yes that will be great" said Siri and Lembert.

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About a girl named royalty who went though a lot just because of a ring her dad gave to her 2 weeks before death.

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