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Inspire Excellence in Education [December 7, 2015]

Instructional Time

We have 10 more days before the winter break. Every teacher has the same amount of time, but what each teacher decides to do with the time could be very different. Please continue to be strategic as you plan lessons and activities. Every minute is valuable. Decorating a snowman is fun but it impacts academic growth minimally. Let's continue to work with your team and students to ensure our planning and instructions are at the highest quality.

This and That

  • New webpage: TISD is launching the webpage on December 14. We need 100% of staff to complete staff page by the deadline. If you miss the training, please make sure you set up make-up time with Ms. Young.
  • 12/9-10: 4th and 5th grade will combine during specials. Specials time change to 8:00-9:00 for Winter Program rehearsal.
  • If you are bringing a guest to the staff Christmas Party, please don't forget to give $9.50 to Ann by this Thursday (kids $5.00).


Regular PLC This Week 2:40 Room K05

Specials Rotation: Week C

12/8/15: Team Leader Meeting 3:45 pm (Mr. Jones' Room)

12/10/15: Winter Performance & PTA meeting 5:45-6:30pm

12/11/15: Staff Christmas Party (6-8 pm) Green Acres Baptist Church

12/14/15: New Teacher Learning Circle 3:30 pm

12/15/15: Boys II Men Christmas Party 3:30pm

12/16/15: Girls Club Christmas Party 3:30 pm

12/18/15: Winter Sing Along 1:30pm / Grinch Reading Challenge Celebration

12/21-1/1/16: Winter Break

1/5/16: District Grade Level Chair Meeting / Staff Meeting 3:45