Multilateral Organizations and FTAs

Knowledge Capsule and APAC Quarterly Networking Cocktail

Come learn about multilateral organizations that are shaping political policy and trade relations - globally, and in Asia particularly.

This Fall has been a season of major summits in Asia Pacific (APAC): The G20 in Brisbane, APEC in Beijing, and ASEAN in Naypyidaw (Myanmar) are all examples of high profile events that gave real visibility to the power jockeying of both China and the US in the APAC region. Currently, there are three major trade agreements being negotiated in the region (TTP, RCEP, and FTAAP-21) that will have important and varying impacts on global trade.

At this edition of the final APAC Quarterly Networking Cocktail you'll not only get all the key information you need on this Fall's summits and what the issues being decided are, but you'll also get an update of all IE has been doing in the region to build the IE brand, and continue to recruit the region's top talent to our bachelor, master and doctoral programs.

The featured expert who'll be speaking at the event is Federico Steinberg, who is not only a professor on IE's Master of International Relations program, but he's also a Senior Analyst for Economy and International Trade at the Royal Elcano Institute - Spain's most international think tank. Mr. Steinberg graduated from both the London School of Economics and Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), before he did his doctoral work at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

The update on IE's activities in Asia will be given by Mr. Joël McConnell, Director of International Development for the Asia Pacific Region.

Multilateral & Free Trade Agreements in APAC (and APAC Networking Cocktail)

Wednesday, Dec. 17th 2014 at 7pm

99 Calle de Serrano

Madrid, Community of Madrid

The event will be held at IE Business School's Paper Pavilion, designed by leading Japanese architect Shigeru Ban.

RSVP: Attendance is Free, But Registration is Required by 15 December.

To register for the event email with the title "Multilateral and FTA".

If you are not a current student, staff member or alumni of IE you should also include a link to your LinkedIn profile or attach a copy of your CV.

PRIZES: For all current IE students who register before 15 December and who finally attend the event... There will be 5 prizes awarded which includes a reprint of The Economist's Special Report "The Pacific Age" and a gift card.

For further information contact:

Irina Deneanu

Regional Coordinador for APAC

IE Business School (IE University)

91 568 9600 ext. 40166

Agenda: Knowledge Capsule and APAC Networking Cockail

1) 18:30-19:00 Accreditation and Afterwork Cocktail

2) 19:00-19:15 Update on IE's Activities in Asia Pacific

3) 19:15-19:45 Knowledge Capsule: Multilateral Organizatons and FTAs in Asia Pacific

4) 19:45-20:00 Networking and Closing.