All About Me

By: Malik Valdez


-playing xbox

-hanging out with friends

-playing basketball

-listening to music

-watching movies

Family Info

My mom, Margarita Hamilton, and dad, Edward Mitchell III, are not together, but I have a good relationship with each of them. I have lived with my mom my whole life and for the first 6 or 7 years it was just us two. Then, she met my step-dad, LaVaughn Hamilton, in 2004 whom she married and he's been an amazing impact on my life. A few years after my grandma, Carolyn Valdez, moved in with us. She has always been the most positive influence in my life as well as always being in my corner. More years passed and my mom got pregnant with my little sister, Laila Hamilton, who made the perfect addition to our family.

What Would You Like To Do When You Grow Up?

I would like to start my own clothing line. I like the idea of owning a business, being my own boss, and supplying cool clothes that people like to wear. I don't want to stress myself with a minimum wage job and miss out on my life and potentially my future family.

What You Did This Summer

This summer i did a lot of working and hanging out with friends. But a lot more work. This summer I got into my first car accident and have been working hard to pay for my car to be fixed. I also made new friends this summer and got closer with my old ones.

Clubs/Activities/Athletics Involved Or Want To Be Involved In

I am apart of the work program which means i get out of school early and earn credits for the hours I work at my job.