AVENGERS: Age of Degan

Virtual Staff Meeting 11-11-15

As I was thinking about today and our vertical learning, it seemed that I had a lot of pieces that I needed you think about and reflect upon. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a Virtual Staff Meeting which would allow you to process information at your own pace and make the best use of time.

I hope this format is beneficial to you.

Good Things!

Find someone in the building (that hasn't already found someone to share with) and share a good thing.

Celebration and remembering the positive is so important.

The Power of "Not Yet"

Take a minute to watch the video clip from Angela Duckworth. Reflect on the power of "Not Yet". While the example of how this was used on report cards may not be an option, "not yet" is a powerful tool in developing grit and growth mindset? How can you apply this to yourself? Your students?
The power of yet | Carol S Dweck | TEDxNorrköping

Response to Intervention (Professional Staff)

The past couple of years, our staff has expressed concerns with confusion over RtI processes. In August, Kyle shared an article about RtI. This past week, Elissa and I shared some additional resources and we have spent a significant portion of our PLC time discussing interventions. Use this time to review these materials.

Article I shared in the Eagle Eye this week:


The LISD RtI Resource:


The article from August:


What unanswered questions do you have? How can we make this process more clear for you? What areas do we need to address?

District seeking input on Gallup

Mr. Bonner is seeking teacher feedback on the Gallup poll.


For those new to Degan and LISD, Gallup is a nationally normed survey that staff completes to determine employee engagement. Employee engagement is linked to productive workplaces. We have not been told exactly when the survey is this year, but last year it was in February. I have shared results of this in flipped staff meetings and through Advisory Council reports in the past. Since you don't yet have an experience with this, you are welcome to skip these questions.

Taking Care of You

One of the most important things in supporting students who come from chronic stress and crisis situations is taking care of you. This means effectively managing your stress. Please watch the short clip.
How stress affects your body - Sharon Horesh Bergquist


When you are done reviewing the info, please complete the exit ticket using Google Forms.

All staff should complete the form. Professional Staff Only questions are noted.


Please complete by the end of the day Friday.