Scientific Summer

My puppy by Seth Libal

Summer fun

I got my new puppy. I just got her with my mom and Paul we were in the truck. I had gotten my puppy in Cleveland Wisconsin near Sheboygan. I got my puppy in the beginning of August. We went in the truck to a breeder. My old dog died from cancer about a month before we got the puppy my old dog was a golden retriever just like the new puppy my old dogs name was Cassie she was 10years old the puppy was 7weeks when we got her now she's 14weeks.

The science of it

Puppy's can detect life-threatening health issues.Puppy's can detect life-threatening health issues.The puppy's can use there noes to determine what are feeling like when someone does not fell good the dog in most cases the dog will act different also. There are things like gas that a puppy's can smell.Puppy's have such things in there noses that triggers the nerve that conects to there brain that creates the dog to go into action.

I wonder

I wonder what would happen if there were no dogs in are life. I also wonder what would happen if there was never a disease. I wonder what would happen to people if dogs could not sniff the disease. Another thing I wonder about is what would happen if cats could sniff out the disease.