Monday Message

First Grade Newsletter, January 19, 2015

Timeline Project

We will be learning about timelines in social studies for the next two weeks. Last Friday, your child brought home instructions for creating a timeline of his/her life which he/she will turn into a quilt in class next week. Please sit down with your child this week and together come up with 8 important events in his/her life. The first event would be your child's birth. Others might be your child's first steps, first lost tooth, etc. Then help your child write a sentence or two about each event. Please return the completed sentences to school by Friday, January 23rd. Your child will use these to create a quilt in class. We appreciate your support from home!

Technology Showcase

Have you ever wondered what digital learning looks like in an elementary classroom? Is your family searching for educational apps for your smart devices? Do terms like “Popplet” and “Stop Motion” make your head hurt? If you answered “yes” to any of these, we hope you will join us at the Technology Showcase on Thursday, January 22nd, at 6:00 P.M.

You and your child can either attend digital demonstrations led by GES digital learners and teachers, or you can work at your own pace through various digital stations. Throughout the rotations, you will discover how your student uses technology to enhance his/her learning. Your child may be the expert in some rotations, teaching you how to use a particular app or device, while you may learn a new skill together in other demonstrations. We hope you will join us for an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their technology skills and possibly learn something new! The showcase will begin after a brief 6:00 PTA meeting. Students who attend the showcase will receive a free homework pass. We hope to see you there!

This Week's Topics

Language Arts: Generating Ideas for Writing

Spelling: sh, ch, th, wh

Word List: shot, dish, much, chip, that, math, when, whip, think, thing, pass, hill Challenge List: thoughtful, challenge, should, whistle, through, + 2 words of choice

Test February 6th (3 weeks)

Reading: Making & Confirming Predictions

Math: Number Sense 1-99, Place Value (Tens & Ones)

Social Studies: American Heroes, Martin Luther King, Jr., Timelines

Science: Magnets

Dates to Remember

January 19: MLK, Jr. Day, School Holiday

January 23: College Colors Day, FAST

January 28: Play it Safe Program in Classrooms

January 30: Bank, FAST

February 6: Spirit Day

February 16: Student Holiday/Staff Professional Learning Day

February 18: Early Release 11:45

February 19: Early Release 11:45

February 23: Six Flags Read to Succeed Form Due to Library