Carl Deuker

Setting & Major and Minor Character

The settings takes place in Seattle, Washington after Jonas moves form Redwood City, Calif.

The main characters are Jonas, Levi, Coach Hartwell, and Coach Knecht.


After Jonas's dad loses his job, Jonas starts a new life in Seattle as the school's starting point guard. His new coach, Coach Knecht, plays old-school-basketball and barely lets Jonas on the court. He thinks he has a chance with the new assistance coach, Hartwell, takes over the team.


Even though Jonas likes him, he starts to question Coach Hartwell after he invites them to his apartment for a "party", where then he gives the whole team Alcohol and helps Jonas cheat on a chemistry test. Hartwell's bad side isn't revealed until Jonas' friend, Levi, tells him that Hartwell has repeatedly sexually assaulted him.


Levi and Jonas were invited to a Pizza Party. Levi leaves early to go out for a ride but actually goes up to the mountains for the night. The next couple days Levi goes missing during a Storm. The next morning Jonas get word from the police that Levi froze to death in a snow storm in the mountains.