Choices I Wish I Had

By: Breanna

Bed Time

I wish I had more choice in what time I went to bed during school. I have to start getting ready at 8:30, take my shower and be in bed by 9:30.

What I Would I Do With The Responsibility

I would stay up later, but not too late. I think if I had more time at night I could get my homework done, and have time to read or hang out. By the time I get home from sports I don't have a lot of time if you take out supper time and a shower.

Shopping; Snacks

I wish that I had more choice in what kind of snacks we buy. My dad rarely buys snacks, mostly he just buys stuff for dinner and supper. I rarely go shopping with my mom but I know she buys snacks.

What I Would Do With The Responsibility

I would pay half of the price for the snacks. I would go shopping once a week (Or more). I wouldn't get a whole bunch of snacks, I would only get two or three. I wouldn't waste $20 on snacks, no more than $10.