Lanham Lowdown

4th Grade News

May 1st, 2015

Important Dates

Spelling Test

Friday, May 8th

Unit 9 Math Test

Friday, May 8th

PTA Fun Run

Wednesday, May 13th

Battle of the Books

Friday, May 22nd

No School - Memorial Day

Monday, May 25th

Looking for Volunteers

Help wanted for: America’s Battle of the Books!

All fourth grade classes at Conley are participating in our Battle of the Books competition on Friday, May 22. This game show format will demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge on the books they have read. We are in need of a few parent volunteers to act as “team guides” in order to help teams follow their battle schedule that day. Due to the way the teams were created we can’t guarantee that you will be with your child’s team. Lunch will be provided after you are done with the students. If you are interested in helping from 8:20am-12:00pm, e-mail me and let me know. In your e-mail include if you are planning on attending the luncheon. Thanks in advance for your support with this worthwhile reading incentive program.


This week in reading we are reading a book called Cliff Hanger, and it is a realistic story. We are also still reading b.o.b.books they are these books and we have to write about a book and you have to answer questions about the story. And soon we are having the battle for it. A teacher from another class is going to record the fifth graders doing battle of the books and that is because they want us to know what to do when we are doing the battle. We already know that visitors will be asking us questions about the books. This battle is going to be big and its going on later in May. This battle will be a big part of our week when it comes. That has been all that has been going on in reading. This is Aaron and I hope you enjoy..

By: Aaron Beltramini

Social Studies

This week we are learning about the government. We are making a board on government on this app called Discovery Education. We picked a branch of government out of a baggy and found out information on that branch. We do social studies at 12:25-1:10. Fun Fact...did you know that the legislative branch can declare war? We had to find information about all of the branches of government. We also had to find out where the three branches of government are located. I think that the legislative branch was the most fun to learn about because we got to learn about its job.

By: Audrey Campos

PARCC testing

This week in class we did parcc testing. On the first day of parcc testing we took the reading parcc test from 8:45-10:00am. Then we took the first math parcc test from 1:15-2:30pm. Then we had the second day of parcc testing where we only had one parcc test. The parcc test we were taking was another math parcc test. For every test Mrs. Lanham gave us CANDY to refresh our memories! Our options were three lemon drops,three lifesaver mints,two lemon drops and one lifesaver mint,two lifesaver mints and one lemon drop, or we could bring some from home. Also all of the the parcc tests were different. For example someone might have fifteen questions and another person might have thirty questions. This is all I have to say about parcc testing. I hope you enjoyed.

By: Madeline Feller


Right now in gym we are doing fitness testing. Some of the tests are the push up test, the sit up test, and the most tiring of all the mile run. For the sit up test you can get up to 80 sit ups for the push up test I think it is the same as the sit up test, for the mile run it is 4 laps around the bus parking lot. This can be tiring sometimes. What test do you think is the hardest? I think the mile run is the hardest.

By: Joey Arvidson