Spotted Bat

(euderma maculatum) a rescue attempt...

Who they are ?

The spotted bat is known for its three distinctive white spots on its black back. With ears that can grow up to 4 cm, it is said to have the largest ears of any bat species in North America. The spotted bat's mating season is in autumn and the females produce their offspring (usually one juvenile) in June or July. Their main diet is grasshoppers and moths.

Initially thought to be extremely rare, the spotted bat is now known to occupy a rather large range throughout central western North America from southern British Columbia to northern Mexico.

What We Are Doing?

A Work in Progress

Environmentalists are working extremely hard to either slow or stop the main cause for the eradication of this species. The main cause is loss of habitats (the filling of the cave in which they call home and deforestation.)

What We are Doing...