Chinese Revolution

by Ben, Cam, and Colton

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The Society During the Chinese Revolution of 1949

  • War leaders seized power
  • Communism became the form of government
  • Jiang Jieshi and the Guomindang try to reunite China in 1921; he established Nationalist party.

Geography Role in Establishment of the Civilization

  • Geography played little role
  • Mountains slowed forces down
  • October 1934- October 1935
  • Military retreat by the Red army.
  • Many different marches
  • Traveled West on difficult terrains.
  • Traveled 6,000 miles in 1 year.
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Chinese Revolution Unique and Intresting

  • Sun Yixian stepped down as president in favor of Yuan Shikai, a powerful general. The military did not support Yaun which divided the nation.

  • After Yuan died local war lords took power. The economy collapsed and people suffered terrible hardships. May fourth movement, cultural movement that wanted to reform china and make it stronger.
  • They set up a democratic and political system.
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The May Fourth Movement


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