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September 11, 2020

Remote Learning Administrative Update

We know that supporting students at home is such a vital part of remote learning. We appreciate all of you who have partnered with us to support our students. We have now been into content for the past several weeks and we have supported students in navigating new systems, new technology, and their new grade level content. One of the major components of this has been procedural aspects of the classroom.

Check-in and check out can be a great support for at home learning and something that you can do to find out how your student is doing. Do not just take their word for it, have them show you. Students are able to navigate far more on Canvas than you are as a parent observer.

  • Do you know where to find your class announcements and assignments?

  • Do you know what is due today?

  • Do you know how to turn in your work?

  • Do you know how to check your grades?

  • Can you show me the Creekside Announcements and Student Canvas Page?

Family Game Night Tonight!

Creekside is about being together, so we have an idea to be together while we are still apart.

As members of our Creekside Family, we invite you to be part of our Family Game Night.

On Friday, September 11(Tonight!!!) , put screens away and pick your favorite board game. Play with your family!

Know that all of us will be doing the same, no screens, just some quality family time. Submit a picture of you and your family playing your game through the following form and be entered to win a family game pack!

Join us on Friday, September 25 for a fun Creekside Woodstock Scavenger Hunt!

Submit a picture of you and your family playing your game through the following form and be entered to win a family game pack!

Go Falcons!

Michael Wheatley, Principal

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Canvas Observer vs. Parent Portal: What's the Difference?

District 200 uses two platforms to both instruct and report grades. Your Canvas Observer account allows you to see course work that is occurring in your student's classes. In Canvas, you will be able to see assignments, quizzes, and material being covered in class. You can also receive email alerts about announcements your student's teacher makes to the class.

In your Parent Portal you will be able to see your student's overall grade in a course as well as individual assignment and assessment grades. While you may not be able to see the actual assignment like you would in Canvas, you can still see some short details about the assignment by clicking on it. The Parent Portal also allows you to see some basic information about your student in the district, such as attendance and their schedule.

For help with either of these platforms, or to get signed up with an account, please contact the school.

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Our Schedule

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From the Library

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year in the Creekside Library. I’m very excited to share with you new and updated ways that we are serving our students. The best way to find out what is happening in the library is to check out our website. All the newest books and activities are located here.

Over the summer, a subscription to Junior Library Guild was purchased so students now have a wider variety of ebooks and audiobooks to enjoy remotely. The items can be read or listened to right from a student’s chromebook.

Coming Soon

Book Check Out - Students will be able to request books from Destiny Discover, and the books will be delivered to homes by district employees.

Scholastic Online Bookfair - Sept. 21st - Oct. 2nd

eRead Illinois - Even more ebooks and audiobooks are being purchased through RAILS, our state’s library system.

We may not be in the building together, but the library staff is still here to share a love of reading and assist our students in any way we can. For questions, please email Jenna McCoy, CMS Library Media Specialist at

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Physicals and Immunizations

6th grade physicals and immunizations are still required for this school year. We will collect any medical paperwork at Creekside between the hours of 8am-4pm on Monday through Friday.

View the following pdf to view the requirements.

Parent Technology Support

View the following document for more support with some of the tech tools that we use.

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Staying Informed

How should you and students stay informed?

  • We are making our best effort to make contact with you and engage students every day. Students should be staying informed through their student Canvas page which houses our school announcements. Check out the announcements each day with a kick-off from Mr. Wheatley. Important information can be found here but is only accessible to students. Students are also emailed every morning by Mr. Wheatley to provide them with any specific information necessary.

How can you stay informed as a parent?


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