How to travel the world

on a budget

How to travel the world on a budget

Vacation club for every budget In the past, becoming a travel club member may not have been the most cost-effective option of traveling as the average membership price ranged anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000. While these trips were well worth the price, it was not always an affordable option for the average family. Today however, travel club memberships have become much more affordable, accessible and offers a wide variety of benefits that simply cannot be beat. There are many different travel clubs to choose from, each offering their own great benefits for their members to take advantage of.

Travel clubs are now available for families traveling on any budget. Discounted Vacation Club Prices One of the biggest benefits of joining an unlimited vacation club is the low membership cost. Depending on the club and the membership level that you opt to join, you are able to take advantage of discounts ranging anywhere from 50% to 80% off regular retail room rates that a normal traveler would pay. When you opt to become a member with a vacation club, no matter what level you choose from all members will receive the same great discounts on their hotel and resort rooms. Traveling has truly never been more affordable than it is now. The Vacation Club Difference You may be wondering what sets travel clubs such as Travelers Elite apart from timeshares. The biggest difference of all is the price.

Purchasing a timeshare property can cost upwards of $10,000 with the average price right around $30,000. In addition to the cost of owning, timeshare owners must also pay annual maintenance fees for the upkeep of their resort. When you join a travel club, members are only required to pay a one-time upfront fee as well as a small monthly membership price. This means that you are only paying a small fraction of the price that you would typically pay to become a timeshare owner. With a timeshare, you are committed to the property that you own at, which may make it more difficult to stay at other locations that you are interested in traveling to.

Vacation club members have the ability to travel to all different locations that are affiliated with your specific club with ease. This could be thousands of unique resorts located all over the world. At timeshare resorts, you may be limited to one or two weeks of travel per year. Travel Club Vacation Club members are able to book their vacations ranging anywhere from a few days to a few weeks as many times as they would like throughout the year. This is the ideal option for the avid traveler who is looking to save on their travel expenses. Booking a Vacation When you choose to book a vacation through your unlimited vacation club, you will be paying per room, per each week of your stay. This is much different from regularly paying per night for a hotel stay which can add up to be quite expensive in the long run.

When you book through your club, you are saving anywhere from 50% to 80% of the average room rate. Another perk of booking through a club is that you have the option to stay in a wide variety of different room sizes. This ranges anywhere from your average hotel room which sleeps 4 guests to 2 bedroom resort units that can sleep up to 8 guests. The possibilities are endless. There are even a wide variety of resort types to choose from that may be affiliated with your club. This includes luxury resorts, cruises and hotels. Becoming a member of an unlimited vacation club also enables you to travel during any time of the year. Pre-book your stays in advance to secure travel arrangements during the busier seasons and during the holidays.

No matter when you opt to travel, you are still able to receive the same great discounts that you would get during any other time of the year. Vacation clubs are completely available for those working with nearly any budget. You are now able to enjoy luxurious, laid-back vacations without burning a huge hole in your wallet every time you go away.