Organisms in sick oceans

By: Tyler Prentiss

Different types of Water Pollution

  • agricultural runoff
  • mining activities
  • waste treatment plants
  • improperly disposed of industrial waste

Dead Zones

Dead zones are places in the ocean where there is either little or no oxygen. This is causing our sea life to no be able to live in such cases. There are around 400 dead zones in the world, and they are increasing in size.


There are many risks when it comes to the organisms in the oceans. For example, many of the sea life are dying due to the oceans sickness.

One, of the sea life that are in danger are the coral reefs. One might have not known that the fertilizer that we put in our lawns and on farms are getting washed into the oceans. This is causing the algae to increase and the algae is covering the coral causing it to die.

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