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Kevin Durant; By: Kryslyn Autrey

About Kevin

Kevin Durant is a pro basketball player and he was also in the 2012 Olympics, he took home the gold medal. Durant was born in Suitland, Maryland on September 29, 1988; 24 years old. He is 6’9” and 230 lbs. His parents are Wanda Pratt and Wayne Pratt who love him very much. He has 3 siblings, two brothers Anthony and Rayvonne and one sister Briana.

Kevin went to 3 different high schools:

2 years- National Christian Academy

1 year- Oak Hill Academy

1 year- Montrose Christian School

Some interesting facts.

His nickname is K- smoove and his favorite motto is ''Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard". Kevin is also known as the best basketball rapper; his favorite all time rapper is Biggy Smalls. He has a tattoo across his back saying MARYLAND, dedicated to his hometown. Before every basketball game he listens to “Don’t make” by 8ball. Kevin likes to play video games and his favorite food is crab legs. His favorite movie is, "Back to the Future." Durant has his own shoe and clothing line named KD. He is sponsored by: Sprint, Gatorade, Panini, General Electric, 2K Sports, and Nike; but Nike helped him a lot by letting him sign a $60 million endorsement deal. Kevin Durant Family Foundation is his charity.

more facts

He is on the Oklahoma City Thunder. His number is 35; he got his jersey number, 35, in honor of his childhood coach, Charles Craig, who was murdered at that age. Kevin is not married and doesn’t have any kids. He went to University of Texas, Austin but played only one season of basketball there; he was the most valuable person on the team. He was drafted 2nd overall in 2007 by the Seattle Supersonics.

Even though he is an amazing basketball player, he still has weaknesses as well, he tries and improves but he still has a long way to go till he is considered an elite defender.

One of Kevins best moments!

Kevin Durant with the block, then coast to coast to jam it over Kaman