Sizzling Summer Science 2020

Summer is here! What will you do with your time off? I'm sure you are looking forward to a few months of down time from school assignments, but you may also enjoy engaging in fun and awesome science activities with your family. Here are some quick and easy science activities that are sure to put a sparkle in the eye of any science lover and win over the hearts and minds of future scientists. Browse through to find the ones that intrigue YOU!

Exploding Watermelon Volcano

Make an exploding watermelon volcano out of a small watermelon. We love volcano activities and baking soda science! We also love turning watermelons into volcanos!

Sandbox Volcano

Students do love all things that erupt! Science that fizzes, pops, erupts, bangs, explodes is pretty awesome for kids of all ages. Check out this sandbox volcano!

Citrus Chemical Reactions

Gather up some of your favorite high acid citrus fruits to experiment with baking soda chemical reactions. Which fruit would make the biggest chemical reaction? There’s only one way to find out! Set up simple citrus fruit chemical reactions experiments. Tasty and a great twist on a classic science experiment.

Science Discovery Bottles

Easy science discovery bottles - the possibilities are endless! Science sensory bottles or discovery bottles allow kids of multiple ages to enjoy exploring easy science concepts together!

Water Walls

There are so many unique ways to make a kids’ water wall, and it isn’t all that difficult! If you don’t have the same kind of fence, try a wood pallet, baby gate, or deck railings.

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream

Have you ever tried this awesome edible ice cream science experiment? Whether you make it inside or outside, make sure you have a pair of warm gloves ready. This homemade ice cream in a bag recipe is chilly and edible chemistry for kids!

4th of July Slime

The colors of the flag in our favorite July 4th slime! Beautiful shades of red, white, and blue mixed with star shaped confetti is a wonderful sensory treat and science activity for kids of all ages.

The process to make this July 4th slime is quick and easy with our homemade slime recipe. Enjoy a quick slime science lesson all while playing with a really cool substance.

Awesome Giant Bubbles

What kid (let's be honest here, what kid, teen, adult, grandparent) doesn't love giant bubbles? Try this super easy recipe to create fabulous bubbles! Fun for the entire family!

Pendulum Painting

Learn about the forces of motion and gravity with a new painting technique by exchanging the paint brush for a swinging pendulum. Engage your child with the combination of art and science for a STEAM learning activity.

STEAM is the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. While you may be aware of the popularity of STEM learning, we believe “A” for Art should be added to create STEAM. It is with the addition of creative and critical thinking that will help your child be a successful problem solver and thinker.

Exploring the Layers of the Sea

Learn about oceans zones and layers of the sea with this hands-on animal habitat science project! This activity focuses on some under-the-sea science questions that will help your kids understand the five layers of the ocean, who lives there and how light travels -- and it's one amazingly beautiful project!

Lego Shadow Towers

Summer is the perfect time to explore the world of shadows with kids. The sun is shining brightly and they have tons of time on their hands to explore simple summer science experiments. It is no secret that many kids have a Lego obsession in our house. So, try out the Lego Shadow Towers activity - results will amaze you!

Alka-Seltzer Rocket

Oh boy! Get ready for some fun with this Alka-Seltzer Rocket. EASY set up and simple to do. Your child will be asking you to repeat it over and over again. This Alka-Seltzer rocket is a super cool science that can be set up with household ingredients. Learn and play at home.

Galaxy Sugar Crystals

Every kid loves the galaxy. There is something completely fascinating about space, spaceships, space travel, and how things work in space. Explore all of these themes all while learning about crystal science with the galaxy sugar crystal science experiment!

Kids will love making these sweet and edible sugar crystals, which makes it the perfect science experiment for kids, because who doesn’t love delicious edible science? Expand on the sugar crystal science when you add the STEM extension ideas provided and turn your science experiment into a complete STEM activity!

Bouncing Balloons

Sports + Engineering = Great Fun! Sports engineering focuses on designing, developing, and testing sports equipment, such as balls. When a ball collides with something hard, its shape alters. But if the material used to make the ball is elastic, the ball will return to its original shape, causing it to bounce. Some balls, like basketballs, are very bouncy, and some, like baseballs, hardly bounce at all. Explore sports equipment engineering in this SciGirls activity challenging students to design a super bouncy ball out of a balloon.

Flinn Science (6-12)

Flinn offers a variety of engaging and rigorous science activities for students in grade 6-12. Students can participate in at-home labs. New labs are updated periodically.

Students can also search for fun learning activities by grade level and course.

Smithsonian National Zoo – Learning Activities You Can Do at Home (K-12)

The Smithsonian's National Zoo is committed to supporting students and families around the globe as they face unprecedented new learning challenges. They are actively developing new materials to help learners of all ages respond to this challenging period, so check back frequently.

Visit their website, where you will find resources to engage learners in grades K -12 with science, the natural world, wildlife and conservation.

More Exceptionally Fun and Engaging Summer Science Activities

Many of the activities listed above came from a wonderful website, Little Bins Little Hands. If you are looking for more awesome activities to keep you entertained this summer, check out their website. Although most of the activities are geared toward elementary-aged children, big kids may find some pretty cool experiments to try!
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More Great Science Activities for Kids (and Parents) of all Ages

Check out these links for hundreds more science activities that will keep budding scientists busy through Spring Break and beyond!

PBS Learning Media (K-12)

Many of the activities below can be found on the PBS website. Browse by subject, by grade level and by type of activity to find hundreds of engaging projects, games and videos!
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