Media Center News

January 2017

Happy 2017!

Hi everyone! Happy 2017 and I am honestly glad to be back! Our family does very well with routine! I wanted to share a few goals I have for the Media Center program for our 2nd half of the year:

* The media center should continue to be a hub for information. I would love it if classes scheduled times to be in here for things others than checking out books and doing Makerspaces. Think of the public library- you go there for several things- collaboration, research, reading, projects, etc. It's kind of nice to get out of the classroom sometimes to do work! So use the schedule and get in here more often!

* My goals for collaboration are to work with classes I haven't had a chance to work with. Getting on my schedule doesn't mean we have to do a full fledged project- I could be a resource to you and the kids as you see fit. E-mail me to chat!

* Provide more resources for you. I LOVE putting together resources for the kids and you. If someone comes to me and needs books or online resources for a specific topic I usually follow this process:
` Look at our library

` Look at our digital resources

` Look at other schools

` Look at the public library

` Look online

Once I find a good amount of quality resources I will e-mail you with a list! I LOVE this!

So I hope you find my goals in line with something you would like to accomplish this year. Let's do this!

Discovery Education

This is an AMAZING resource via Clever. There are videos, images, graphics, boards that others have created, etc. They pretty much have virtually every topic!

How do you get there?

~ Have the kids click on the school's student links symbaloo

~ Click on the black and white QR code looking link called Clever

~ Students will have to login with their username and password

~ Click on Discovery Education

~ Type the topic in the search bar and then sort the results based on the grade level.

Book Clubs

We have TONS of resources for Book Clubs in the Book Room. Did you know we have a Book Room? It's in the back where we record announcements.

Here's a TIP:

I am currently doing a book club with some 2nd graders and we chose an I Survived Book and are doing research along with the book about The Great Chicago Fire. It's a great opportunity to incorporate both. The group then plans to share a presentation with the class about the book and their research