New France Weaponry

By: Jugal Bilimoria 7-7


Close-ranged weapons

- Hunting spears made from wood

- Warfare spears more durable than hunting spears

- Clubs made from mulga wood, used for warfare, usually having spikes on them

-Axe made from stone and wood, used for hunting, cutting trees and warfare

Long-Ranged weapons

-Bows and arrows usually made from wood or bone, used for hunting and warfare.

-Boomerangs made from mulga wood, used for hunting and warfare

Sields and Armoury

- Wooden shields

- Leather armour



- Hunting muskets used by militia units

- Flintlock muskets used by marines

- Matchlock muskets with bayonets used by marines

Close-Ranged weapons

- Swords

- Pike similar to a spear, used by pikemen

- Hatchets are axes used for splitting wood and a single-handed striking weapon.

Sields and Armoury

- Shields were usually made from wood or metal

- Chain armour wore underneath metal armour