How To Survive 6th Grade

Can't wait for you to come : ) Alice Pranger

Have Fun!!!!

Welcome to Hickory Hills Middle School !!! Your going to have a lot of fun here,I know do. And don't be scared of big 8th graders their not scary. You are going to love your teachers their the best.

How to get to class on time

To have a successful 6th grade year you want to make sure you that you can get to class on time(Its not that hard). Before your first class you have 1 bell that tells you to get to class because you only have 2 minutes. But don't worry you have about 8 minutes before that. And a special part to it is the first 2 weeks you can't get a tardy for being late.Told you it wasn't that hard

Being Prepared For Class

It is really important that your prepared for class. Like always have a pencil with you it will be the thing you need most. Keep your chrome book charged and with headphones. Also try to have a pen and paper for note's or grading your paper. And if you use mechanical pencils keep extra lead. And at least 2 pencils with you.

Dressing Appropriately

One important part of middle school is dressing appropriately. Like you don't want to where shorts that show some stuff. Or a crop top that shows your belly. And make sure when you have P.E. have tennis shoes. If your wearing flip flops have socks. If you don't you could get in trouble.


I hope that you have an amazing 6th grade like I did. Use these tips and you'll breeze right thorough 6th grade. Bye : )

How my 6th grade year went

6th grade was the funnest I've had at school since kindergarten when we got to take naps. I know you'll love it. Don't worry if at first it's hard that's exactly how it was for me. But it gets much easier. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee